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Like all plastic surgery, liposuction has to be tailored to each patient and each body area.

These pictures are of Dr. Fischmanís patients, and show some of the ways that people can achieve the results they want, even though they differ in age, sex, build. and ideas about how their bodies should look (all pictures have been altered for the web and any identifying marks have been removed--originals in office)


Liposuction of inner and outer thighs

This is woman who had her inner and outer thighs liposuctioned.  Her goal was a gentle curve, not a flat-sided thigh.  (Some patients want the outside thigh to be absolutely flat and other patients even want it to be concave)

 Providing the shape the patient wants involves both technical skills and listening skills


Liposuction is a safe operation with a high patient satisfaction rate, little scarring and little danger. If there are any post-operative irregularities, they can usually be easily corrected.

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