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New Treatment now available for Keloids 

Keloids are abnormal scars that seem to grow like tumors. Until now it has been difficult to treat them since excising a keloid often ends up producing a new, larger keloid.  The safest treatment was injections with steroids but the results were often temporary and a "rebound" would occur later with itchiness, redness and a re-growth of the keloid.

It is now possible to treat keloids by injecting a medicine that causes them to flatten and stop growing The newly discovered combination is a mixture of the old medicine used before (an artificial cortisone-type drug that stops the formation of collagen that the keloid is made of) and a new medicine that prevents the reformation of the scar tissue (an anti-cancer drug that prevents the growth of fibroblasts that make the collagen).

These are very old, very large keloids before and after one set of injections

 The flattened areas are a result of waiting three months after one injection to the keloids, other areas can take two (or more) injections before they are under control.

 (all pictures have been altered for the web and any identifying marks have been removed--originals in office)

It's not expensive and it has been very successful 

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