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Gynecomastia (Male Breasts)

There are many men who develop breasts during puberty.  Because they are embarrassed about their appearance, they won't go swimming or wear tight fitting shirts.  Often they try body building as a way to hide the breasts but, when this doesn't work, they inquire about surgery.

These pictures are of a patient who had very large breasts with extra hanging skin.  This is the most difficult type of breast to remove without large chest scars.  This procedure was done through a scar around the bottom half of the nipple and it involved both liposuction and the surgical removal of the central tissue of the breast .  Like most patients, this gentleman didn't  want any visible remnant of breast tissue left behind. 

Removal of Male breasts: pre- and post-op

The purple lines are my pre-op markings to map out the location of the breast tissue (which is excised), the edge of the pectoralis muscle (which should be visible after surgery) and the surrounding fat (which is liposuctioned).


  (all pictures have been altered for the web -- originals in office)

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