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Face Lifts

There are many ways to do face-lifts and no two patients get the same operation.  We have to design a different operation for each patient's face  in order to get the maximum improvement for the least trauma.

These pictures are of a patient who wanted to remove the signs of aging without looking "operated on".  The purple lines are my pre-op markings: The lines between her eyebrows are marked for a peel and fat graft, the hollows under her eyes are marked for fat grafts, the lines from the nose to the corner of the mouth and from the corner of her mouth to the jaw line are marked for fat grafts and deep peels, each individual line around her mouth is marked for an individual deep peel, the jowl fat is marked for removal, the corner of the mouth and the cheek have arrows showing the direction of the lift at these crucial areas, the neck is marked for a liposuction and full lift and the the skin incisions are marked (around the earlobes and into the ear). This is a typical grouping of procedures for a face-lift.

Face-Lift: pre- and post-op

Take a close look at these results.  If you would like a similar result, you owe yourself a consultation with Dr. Fischman--Not every surgeon can produce this high quality.

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