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Eyelid lifts--Correction of wrinkles, skin, bags, hollows, etc.

Correcting aging changes around the eyes involves using any or all of these techniques:

     1. Surgery (blepharoplasty) to remove fat bags and excess skin

     2. Fat injections and/or silicone injections to fill in the hollows under the eyes

     3. Peels (laser or phenol) to smooth out and shrink wrinkled skin.

 The first pictures are of a patient with relatively severe dropped brows and a mild excess of upper eyelid skin. She had the excess upper lid skin removed and the brows were lifted using the same incision in the lids. This result is "state of the art"

before                                                                      after

The second set of pictures are of a patient with relatively severe wrinkling, bags, hollows and excess skin.  The operation consisted of removing the excess skin with surgery, filling the hollows with fat and doing a phenol peel of the lower lid skin,.  She took about one weeks to heal but she had to cover the peeled area with makeup for about 2 months (while the skin stayed red from the peel).  We are both very happy with the result.

before                                                                      after

  (all pictures have been altered for the web -- originals in office)

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