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       Dr. Fischman is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and an Assistant Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at the Mt. Sinai Medical School and an attending with full privileges in Plastic Surgery at the Mt. Sinai Hospital

Cosmetic Surgery can be performed at the Mt. Sinai Hospital or our state-of-the-art accredited facility (located in our private, upper east-side Carriage House) .


      Specializing in providing a kinder and gentler plastic surgery experience -- Dr. Fischman is experienced, skilled and fully qualified to perform the following procedures:                        




 Avoiding Surgery altogether by using the newest injectable substances such as:       Perlane®, Restylane® and Juvaderm® (Hyaluronic Acid), Silikon 1000® (silicone), Botox® (botulinus toxin),  Radiesse® (Calcium), Collagen (both Cosmoplast® and Zyplast®), etc.

We use ALL the FDA Approved drugs and are experienced in their use (e.g. Artefill will be available when proven safe to the FDA's satisfaction).

The latest mid-face lifts, neck lifts, lower face lifts and upper face, brow and eye lifts:  The newer operations are tailored to exactly what your face needs--these customized operations create more natural results with less down time and fewer scars.  Many of these operations have now be replaced or enhanced by using the newer injectables such as Perlane or Botox.

 Breast Implants and implants or grafts for the breast, buttocks, calf, cheek, lip, jaw line, eyelid, etc. have progressed to where we can offer material and location to achieve a natural result with little scarring.  Many face implants have now been largely replaced or enhanced by using the newer injectables.  The availability to use gel implants again has also increased the choices available to our patients.

Newest Liposuction And Abdominoplasty Techniques: Liposculpting by hand and with the mechanically assisted liposuction machines can create faster and smoother results than previously.  We are  able to do liposuction under local anesthesia with sedation that allows you to remain sleeping yet breathing on your own and has very few after effects. Even our Abdominoplasties are done under local with sedation (for highest safety) and our abdominoplasties usually do not require drainage after surgery.

The Latest Techniques in nose surgery: Open rhinoplasty for the complicated cases, minimal incision rhinoplasty for the simpler cases--the smaller the surgery, the faster the healing: The most challenging noses are Black patients and fixing bad results.  Take a look at the "Ethnic Rhinoplasty" and "Revision Rhinoplasty" page for some examples. In some conditions only an injection of Radiesse® is necessary to correct a nose  

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